zaterdag 11 april 2015

Plein Air Curaçao 2015

I am totally addicted to Plein Air painting now! I was at the Caribbean island of Curaçao for some weeks. February 27th to March 7th I joined the Plein Air Curaçao Festival. This festival is there every two years. Yes, I was there two years ago too. But this time was even better! 
the yellow house of Fleur de Marie 

It’s so nice to be with a group of artists together, doing what you like most: painting. You all paint the same view, but everyone does it in his or her own way. Your styles are different and you use different materials. The materials we used were: oil, acrylics, watercolours and pastel. This time I wasn’t the only watercolourist. 
view from Klein Santa Martha 

Some of the artists are used to visit Plein Air events, mostly in the USA. Others are studio painters, not used to the way of ‘plein air’. The advanced plein air painters know how to work fast, to finish their painting in about two hours. For others that is difficult. But we learn from each other. 
view from the  boat at Fuik 

After the festival was over, I stayed at Curaçao for some more weeks. I did some more painting. Because then the Plein Air Galley was closed, I made them having in mind selling at an art fair in the Netherlands. I did my best to make some ‘nice tropical watercolours’. 
bird's cage in the garden 

Now I’m back in the Netherlands, I want to go on painting ‘plein air’. But usually the weather here is not so nice. Often it rains, you can’t go sit outdoors whenever you want. I was so happy we had some really nice spring days last week! So I painted my own neighbourhood using the paint that was still on my palette from Curaçao! 
my neighbourhood in Meppel (the Netherlands)