More art

Recent works are on top 
Four more pages of my Garden Journal 

 tropical garden at Curaçao 
 gate at Willemstad (Curaçao) 
 Handelskade Willemstad (Curaçao) 
 Landhuis Klein Santa Martha 
 Frederikstraat Otrobanda (Curaçao) 
red house Fleur de Marie (Curaçao)  
 tree at San Juan (Curaçao) 
 wooden house at Souax (Curaçao) 
 row of palms in fromt of the balcony 
red house revisited 
 Artist's Trading Card 'Fly'
 African self-made toy car 
Reading together
Hortensia / Hydrangea, watercolour pencil + water

crocus and ladybug, watercolour 

Some more watercolour paintings and sketches I made at Curaçao

Pomegranate flowers, watercolours.

Special tree at Santa Maria, charcoal and watercolours
(I used the Georgia Mansur palette here).
Steel drums (on high stage), pen sketch.
Sunset, watercolours.

Some of my recent works of art

Pumpkin flower, watercolours, 2012
Pumpkin plant in my garden, ballpoint sketch, 2012
Bougainvillea (Curaçao), watercolours, 2012
Balustrada (Curaçao), ballpoint sketch, 2012
Potting table, watercolours and pen, 2012
Garbage containers, pen sketch, 2012
My garden, watercolours, 2012
Tropical garden (Curaçao), watercolours, 2012 
Landscape near Meppel (the Netherlands), watercolours, 2012
Canal near Meppel (the Netherlands), watercolours and pen, 2012
Old street in Zwolle (the Netherlands), watercolours and pen, 2012
   Watercolours in watercolours, 2012

Pen sketch of dandelion leaves, 2013

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