zaterdag 11 mei 2013

Spring in Drenthe

Spring is really there. As normal in Dutch spring, there are days of rain. But there are sunny days too. And, above all, there is green. Leaves appear like green fingers from the ground. Green buds sprout from every tree. Not only green buds, also blossoms. Some trees look like pink clouds. Others have tiny white or yellow flowers all over.
There was too much! I wanted to paint it all, but there I didn't have time. I had some opportunities for making small watercolour sketches (see on this page). Also I made some photos (see page Inspiring photos).
first sign of spring: wild hyacints
in the spring sun you see all dust, so 'spring cleaning' is needed
some trees still bare, but spring is in the air
serious spring: blackbird singing near the pink magnolia
cherry blossom in full bloom

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