vrijdag 28 juni 2013

I didn't have to go far ...

... to paint 'plein air'. In fact: I stayed in my own garden. There is always something to paint or draw there. Even in bad weather: looking through the window (I don't know if that is real 'plein air'...).

(view through the window of my living room)
Sitting in a lounge chair in the garden I looked up and painted the blue sky with white cloud, above my garden gate with red roses.

When the chives were in full bloom I couldn't use them anymore for salads, but they were very nice for a drawing and a painting.

(drawing in ballpoint on GarzaPapel drawing paper)
(hypericum, digitalis and allium -chives- in watercolours)
This was the garden in front of the house, In the back there is another one. I can do a view through the window too, in this case the kitchen window.
I cut some branches from the honeysuckle growing over the gate and made this painting of one of the blooms.
(made on GarzaPapel watercolour paper)

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